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Rules of Nude Art Directory

Nude art and erotic art directory has been established for a promotion of web sites with content, related to Nude Art or Erotic Art. Basically, our directory is Unique in this sense.

The first and the main difference from many others is a traffic ranked system. This means - more visitors member's site sends to the directory - higher rank of this web site will have. Only unique visitors are counting.

Higher rank means higher position in the category's list, which leads to higher traffic bounces back to member's site.

What is the difference between our directory and many other top lists, you would ask? It is not Top List at all - this is categorised member's submitted directory. Which means more narrowly targeted traffic goes back to member's sites.

The basic categories are Photography, Drawings, Galleries, Resources, General. As soon as we get enough sites - we will split those categories, making our traffic even more targeted. When submitting, please, choose an appropriate category. If your site does not fit well in any categories listed above - please, submitt to "General", and we will make a new category for you.

Sites, primary, based on "affiliate" material and "affiliate" galleries are very welcome in the category "Galleries".
Summarizing all mentioned above, main rules are:

  • The directory is dedicated to Nude Art and Erotic art
  • We are welcome Artistic sites. Sites with no artistic sense will be removed on our sole discretion.
  • No XXX sites, please. There is small possibiltiy, that the depiction of sexual act is made with maximum artistic purpose. In that case we will make an exception for you and include your site in our directory, Art, Art and Art again
Disclaimer: is not responsible or liable for a content, found on websites, which we linked to.

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